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It’s been a while since there was a newly published book about polymer clay. It seemed as if our book A New Generation of Polymer Clay, that we published almost two years ago, was the last one. However when we got the information that Heidi Helyard from Australia is getting her own publication printed very soon, we were very happy.

There is never enough of polymer clay projects, publications and classes out there as we believe everyone can find the most suitable source of education.

We already wrote about Heidi and her artwork in one of our previous posts. She specialises in wearable pieces, earrings and pendants and also became a mentor to others who started working with the clay just recently. Heidi is very active with newsletters, one-on-one sessions and also on her social media accounts, so it’s no wonder that one day a publisher reached out to her about the possibility of writing her own book.

It’s important to say, that there have been many different polymer clay books on the market already, so Heidi had to find her own goal: “I wanted to get a book out there that was contemporary and accessible. I really want people to see the book on the shelf, love the look of the pieces, buy the book, go home and immediately make something they then wear the very next day!” says Heidi who wanted to create simple to follow tutorials with beautiful, bold pieces as the final products.

You will be able to buy a book with 144 pages called Creative Polymer Clay since the beginning of June or you can win your own copy as a member of the Polymer Week Society as we have just published an interview with Heidi about her journey and the book publishing including a giveaway for all our members to win their own copy of this book that should not be missing in your bookshelf.