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We don't know what the weather is like where you are but here, in the middle of Europe, it is pretty gloomy and rainy. So we decided to let the sunshine in and there is no better way than to do it by writing an article about a polymer clay artist from Australia Kate Lee Foley, whose work is so colorful and full of light that it is immediately much warmer and more pleasant. You might even get tanned by reading it!

Kate and her husband decided to leave the city and move to the place where they can take a break from intense jobs and enjoy life more. It was only natural that Kate got consumed by artistic endeavour.

“Art is an elegant way of increasing awareness and generating connections. Jewellery can be an immensely powerful art form, which creates a special bond between the artist and the wearer. It is a personal expression to the world, about who we are and who we would like to be. As an introvert, enabling people to express themselves without having to speak, brings me great satisfaction.

My jewellery also invites conversation through its strong emotions, colour, and point of difference.

I am touched when my customers joyfully tell me about the strangers who stop to complement them in the street,” shares Kate what it means for her to create an art.

She started working with polymer clay in 2015 and the more she experimented, the more she fell in love. In March 2017, she began selling her work. Kate has since been involved in several competitions and exhibitions, including the Ignition Awards for Ceramic Excellence on the Sunshine Coast and Petite Pieces at Aspire Gallery. With a growing number of collectors, she now also sells her work directly.

Her preference is for colourful playful pieces that express feminine beauty, transformation, and connections. She often begins with colour and draws inspiration from personal experiences and anything that makes her smile. Flowers feature strongly in her work, as they allow exploring whimsical patterns and vibrant colour combinations.

Her latest little collection of jewelry bowls, necklaces and earrings called The Picnic is a light-hearted celebration of joyful childhood memories and little things that make her smile; picnics in the park with Kate’s grandparents, cold watermelon on a hot summer day, playful colours and lots of polka dots.

Kate says about this collection: “I wanted to convey a sense of sweet

innocent playfulness, movement and rhythm.”

We absolutely love all those details in these busy pieces, which were made with a wide range of techniques. They definitely bring the sense of summer and warm pleasant evenings with the cold lemonade in your hand. We can't wait!