Today’s blog is introducing yet another artist who fell in love with polymer clay. How many of us gave the soul to this medium across the world? Many! Let us tell you… many! And the number is still growing.

Venera Novoshinskaya from Ufa in Russia discovered polymer clay in 2014 and guess what, she fell in love at the first sight with it. At the beginning she was only sculpting for fun and pleasure, having it as a hobby, showing her creations like spoons, brooches or pendants only to her friends and family.

They encouraged her to try to sell it on the internet so she gave it a try and started to sell her pieces on Russian social networks. The polymer love story continues until 2016 when she needed some time off. Actually three years off. In art it is a long time to lose touch with your medium and creation and anything can happen through those years. So it was not a surprise when she returned to crafting in 2019 and discovered that there are so many really good artists making very similar art as she did three years ago.

This is the moment in the love story when our hero is thinking hard about whether to continue or to stop. It was 2020 when the pointbreak happened as Venera bravely decided to continue and gave it a fresh new kick by starting to make something totally different and unique - she has discovered a mosaic technique.

Today Venera is mainly focused on creating covers for diaries, notebooks, scratchbooks, etc. Her first collection “XXL Men” was inspired by illustrations of Alex Solis and the newest works are covers with motifs of Frida and Salvator Dali.

Our hero of this story, Venera, has only started the new style of creating however she has already connected with the world on social networks which gave her an opportunity to make friends with other artists with the same fate - A love for art.