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Sometimes it takes ages to find the right medium, sometimes it happens in an instant and we start walking our path. Maisha Samiha stumbled upon polymer clay by accident only last year, but when that happened, her artistic career took off quite quickly.

Maisha is the artist behind her brand Ms.Claze. She says that when she first saw a video with polymer clay art, she was hooked immediately. It felt as if she had known this medium for a long time, even though she had never heard of it before. She first touched the medium in August 2020 and as soon as she started working with it, it was almost like her fingers had some kind of muscle memory.

Her art is inspired by two major sources – her ethnicity and her surroundings, nature, landscape as well as her travels. Maisha is Bengali, but she lives in Canada, and these two factors combine in her artwork to create a truly unique aesthetic. She says she mixes her culture with what she sees around in order to tell little stories through her clay art.

The artist launched her Etsy store in October last year and she makes small collections every month. She loves taking commissions from her customers, so she does a lot of custom work. Her approach to art and her stories seems to have resonated with a lot of people who follow her and have become her customers. Check out Maisha‘s social media, where you can admire her amazing 3D decorated slabs, jewellery, ornaments and framed art.