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Japanese polymer clay artists are known for their attention to detail and precise techniques, as well as their creative use of color and form. Polymer clay is a popular medium in Japan, and there are many talented artists working in this medium who have gained recognition both nationally and internationally.

Masako Inabe has recently enchanted the polymer clay scene with her vibrant and unique designs inspired by Majolica tiles.

Majolica tiles, also known as "Majolica" or "Majoliche," are multi-colored relief tiles that were popular in Japan during the early 20th century. These tiles were created in a style that emulated the Victorian tiles that were popular in modern England at the time.

Majolica tiles were typically made from earthenware clay and were glazed with a shiny, opaque finish. They were often used for decorative purposes, such as for covering walls or for creating murals. The tiles were known for their bright, vibrant colors and intricate relief patterns, which could range from simple geometric shapes to more complex floral or figurative designs.

In addition to being used in Japan, Majolica tiles were also exported to other countries and became popular in Europe and the United States. Today, Majolica tiles are still admired for their beauty and are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of vintage and antique tiles.

To create her pieces, Masako Inabe used skinner blends to achieve a wide range of hues. The aim was to use polymer clay embroidery to create a precise and regular geometric pattern. However, achieving the desired level of precision with traditional embroidery methods proved to be a challenge. In order to achieve the desired effect, the artist prepared round cutters in various sizes, including drop shapes ranging from 1 cm to 4 mm.

The final products were tiles with intricate geometric patterns created with perfectly cut pieces of clay of exactly the same size. The artist's attention to detail and creativity has resulted in truly one-of-a-kind pieces that pay homage to the beauty of Majolica tiles.