A few days ago, Sara Shahabi’s contemporary, bold, colorful and playful wearable art caught our eyes on social media. “Playing with color pallets and patterns for each design has been a fun part of my work,” says Sara who always starts with sketching and prototyping her ideas before creating an actual artwork.

“I see how they look to wear, I make some tweaks, practice the execution and finally I create the final product. Some designs go through so many iterations to get the result I want,” she explains her process of creation.

Sara has spent most of her life studying, teaching, and working in graphic design. This experience definitely influences her current polymer clay brand, Goodee, on a daily basis. “I chose polymer clay because I fell in love with the color variation and its potential with different techniques and mixing with other materials. Another great thing about polymer clay is the amazing community shaped around it. Artists share their tips and answer questions openly, which was a big help to me starting with this new material,” explains Sara about her choice of material and we are happy about that!

“I'm still in the early stages of this process and trying to find my style and voice, but one thing that I always had in mind from the first steps was staying true to myself, having my artistic voice and applying all my graphic design knowledge background into this,” Sara explains and we definitely agree that her voice is already very visible in her current polymer clay artwork as she spends more time designing and expanding her execution skills to create more original unique designs.

Sara’s goal for this year is to experiment and learn from other artists as much as she can to refine her style. “I would also love to learn about other materials to have more freedom of ideas and less constraints in execution,” she adds. As Sara plans ways to connect with more artists and makers through art/craft shows and festivals. “Let's see where this journey takes me!”