It all started with one dream in her childhood. When she was eleven, she started working with polymer clay and fell in love with this material immediately. During the time she started to share her passion with others, organize clay events, teach own classes and realized, that it's the right time for letting all people know about how beautiful the polymer clay is. 


Thanks to our amazing team we are able to create a lot of creative projects together. Get to know more about us.

Karolína Kufnerová

Karolína lives in Pilsen and works as a graphic designer of the Polymer Week Magazine and other projects. We are happy to have her in the team, even she is a crazy cat lover.

Veronika Sturdy

Veronika lives between London and Prague. She has been working with polymer clay for many years and thanks to her language skills she is happy to translate the magazine.

Honza Bárta

Honza is a proffesional video editor and photographer with lot of experience. He met Lucy at high school and they together started a wonderful cooperation around all projects.

Ivana Sychrová

Ivana works on a distribution of the Polymer Week Magazine and the financial part of it. She loves cycling which is a perfect activity for her when she feels stressed.


Would you like to be a part of our team and do you have something to help us with?  We would be happy to meet you! We are always open for new possibilities. Please let us know about you.