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Oksana Valabueva is a multitalented artist from the city of Engels, Russia who sculpts from polymer clay, sews realistic toys, makes decor from epoxy resin and works with genuine crocodile and varane leather.

She discovered polymer clay in 2015 on the internet and immediately decided to try it. Since then she has been creating from this material and lately fell in love with the new leather effect of polymer clay. Oksana uses this kind of clay for decorations mugs but also for making passport covers.

After attending a class with another Russian artist Yana Titova, who teaches classes about making dragon covers, Oksana learnt how to cover the passport and came up with own designs with animal motifs.

We have to say, that the idea of covered passports is very cool! Have a look at the texture, blending of colors, little details, added components such as glass eyes and cat whiskers. "I usually spend around seven hours by covering one passport," says Oksana. Check her Youtube channel and learn more about this multitasking artist.