We have seen many new polymer clay artists presenting their art on social media and especially on Instagram during the last months. They all have something in common. They are new to the craft, mostly beginners, which we are really happy about, and they create in modern, contemporary style.

To be honest, that is exactly what we, as a community, needed. New faces, new enthusiasts, fresh energy and different ways of working with the clay.

One of them is Janka Tivadari from Hungary who discovered the polymer clay around 2018. “I have been a fan of all creative activities since I was a child, I especially loved to draw. I learned the love of creating from my mother, she also taught me the basics of sewing but I dared not pursue my studies in the arts, although I secretly longed for it, because I did not consider myself talented enough,” says Janka. Three years ago she decided to give it a try to work with the polymer clay when seeing some inspiring pieces on the internet.

Janka told us that in the beginning she found it hard to find her own style: “Then I realized that floral and animal designs are the most typical in my creations. I always draw in my notebook when I get an idea, often in bed, even with my eyes closed, I can see, for example, matching colours of my future projects,” she explains.

What we really like about Janka’s artwork is the precision, simplicity, and modern ideas she implements in it. “As a business owner, I think I have a lot to improve on, because I have learned that creativity is not enough to run a well-functioning business and try to meet customers' expectations in all areas,” admits Janka. And we appreciate her honesty and passion for being better.

We are really curious to see the next stages of new polymer clay artists working with tiny shapes of clay and creating slabs for cutting shapes of modern earrings. One advice we would love to send to all of them:

“Explore and learn. The polymer clay community has a long history of hundreds of talented artists that invented and created many interesting techniques. Your presentation and reinvention of them might be spectacular!”