Amy Gebhardt has been working with polymer clay since 1988 and she became seriously involved with the medium 20 years ago. Since that moment she spends most of her free time making beads and vessels in order to help herself escape the stress of her daily job. Amy works as a fresh flower wholesaler by day and making polymer art gives her the opportunity to enjoy something that lasts longer than a few days.

It took Amy quite some time to perfect her containers and vessels, and she keeps playing with dimensions, colours and different ways of decorating her pieces. She says that caning is her passion and it is quite obvious she has a lot of experience with building complex canes.

Whether it’s kaleidoscopes, mica shift, bargello-inspired patterns or something else, we love Amy’s work with colours, her colour palettes and always harmonious and pleasant, as well as the superbly crafted finish of her creations. The American artist pays a lot of attention to the surface treatment of her vessels because the sensory experience of touching the silky smooth surface of her artworks is very important to her. That’s why she carefully sands and buffs each of her bowls or boxes.

Amy admits she has no idea what she will do with all the beads she has made so far, but you can surely find some inspiration in her beautiful veneers and tasteful colour combinations. You can enjoy them on Amy’s Instagram account.