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At Polymer Week, we are huge fans of clean, precise design with some original touches. In this case we have been fascinated by Tanya Mayorova’s brooch that she created as a class project for a Russian polymer clay event that is happening this year.

Tanya Mayorova has been working with polymer for more than eleven years and her experience is well visible in all of her artwork. “I love and combine different techniques. I mainly create jewelry in ethno and boho styles,” she says.

When it comes to the pinky leaf brooch, you might be wondering about the construction of this jewel. “The white part is hollow, so the brooch is also not heavy when wearing,” describes Tanya her project. It’s lovely how she added small non-regular dots on the white main part and the same pattern we can see also on the leaves with added texture.

The connection of little leaves and the hollow part in U-shape is also very well done. Good job, Tanya!

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