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If you have been on the polymer clay scene for a while, you will definitely have heard of Carol Blackburn, a British polymer clay artist and tutor known for using bold and unprecedented colour combinations in her work.

Just like the changing seasons in nature, artists have their own cycles in which they introduce new styles in their repertoire. This created an opportunity for us to learn about the new things that Carol has made during lockdown.

It has come as no surprise that Carol has developed new polymer clay patterns for her signature lidded pots and boxes. After all, her boxes with their invisible seams and quirky designs are so unique that we simply cannot get enough of them. Now that days are getting notably shorter and evenings darker, a fun splash of colour in our lives is exactly what we need so pull out your cosy Coogi sweater from the wardrobe, make a cup of tea and dive into a colourful gallery showcasing more of Carol’s recent work here and sign up to Carol’s Facebook and Instagram where artist posts a photo of a new design every Friday.

Carol revealed that many of her patterns use a repeated design and are often geometric in style but more recently she has been experimenting with Random Ribbon patterned pots. The tallest pot pictured is 13 cm/5 inches in height and we love how the black background helps to emphasise the illusion of three dimensions as the ribbons appear to float and drift effortlessly around the pots.

‘’This effect is achieved with light and dark Skinner blends,’’ Carol lays bare, ‘’The choice of colours in my work is very random and although I know the theory of colour I don't follow any charts or method and prefer to work instinctively.’’

Carol has just demonstrated to us that regardless of studies and knowledge of colour, sometimes following your heart and instincts is the right way to create something fresh and mesmerizing. Which box has caught your eye the most? Tell us in the comments section below.