Andrea Sanchéz is a polymer clay artist from Spain. She discovered polymer clay about eight years ago and decided to go in a different direction than most of the polymer clay artists.

Instead of starting to make jewellery she started to make her own little creatures.

“I was always a daydreamer as a child, I used to imagine magical creatures around me at all times. I wanted them to become real but I didn’t think it was possible back then. It wasn’t until I discovered the Art doll world and realised I could, actually, bring all those creatures to life. I started researching and found polymer clay, as soon as I tried it, I fell in love with it,” says Andrea.

Her first attempts at making dolls were not as good as she would want them to be, however she kept practicing, paying attention to other artist’s techniques and figuring out her own style. That’s how her brand StuffAnClay was born.

Most of Andrea’s dolls are made of mixed media. The hard parts such as face, hands, feet and ears are made out of polymer clay and the bodies are made out of faux fur or fabric with a wire or plastic armature inside. “I wanted dolls to be lifelike, which is why I didn’t want a stiff figure, I wanted them to be moveable and poseable.”

Recently she decided to take a big step and create a fully polymer clay doll, with no fabric body, but still moveable and poseable. And that’s how she accidentally got into the ball joint world and created the baby dragon-like creature, Aylar.

Andrea is also one of 27 artists in the book A New Generation of Polymer Clay. There is much more information about her and her work and tutorial how to make one of her furry creatures.