Connie Andrews is a 24 years old polymer clay artist from London, UK. She has been working with polymer clay for a little over a year now by watching a few youtube tutorials, but mostly by trial and error, and by getting to know and understand the clay herself.

Connie started with creating magical looking mushrooms and small woodland creatures, but her fascination with folklore inspired her to create fae of her own. She saw the potential of what could be done after she made her first fae, Leif.

“She inspired me to create a little world of my own using polymer clay, and to much of my surprise many other people fell in love with them too. This is how The Forest Children came to life,” says Connie.

“I make each of my fae with the idea that they belong to the forests and are all a part of the earth itself. Much like mother nature, they care for everything from the soil in the ground to the birds in the trees. Each of their characteristics and appearance resemble their roles in nature. For example Roe, who lives harmoniously with the roe deer, has adopted antlers to resemble the deers.”

Connie has always struggled with mental health and committing to education or keeping a job has been hard. But since being able to express herself through the art, and with all the support, the interest over such a short period of time and the lovely comments she is receiving, it has made her be able to start her very own business doing something she absolutely loves and now she enjoys every single day.

We wish Connie all the best and that her creativity, business and the The Forest Children including their habitants faes grow and bring happiness and joy to her and everybody around her.