This time we would like to bring your attention to a young and talented polymer clay sculptor from Finland Pauliina Mathlin who is a self-taught artist and got hooked on polymer clay sculpting in spring 2020. When you see her artwork you would definitely not guess that she has started to sculpt only about a year ago.

We all know and still remember those moments of happiness that we feel when creativity pushes us to make something unexpected and new. The same felt Pauliina when she started to sculpt.

“In my younger years I used to paint and draw a lot but somehow it was quite boring for me. After making my first sculpture from polymer clay I felt overflowing happiness, it felt like I had finally found the right way to use my creativity! Name for my channel comes from a Finnish word ”onni” which means happiness and luck, exactly what sculpting is for me!”

Fantasy and all sorts of creatures movies and books are very popular these days so no wonder they are a huge inspiration for young artists. And Pauliina confirms this trend that the fantasy creatures were a very pleasant way to start practicing sculpting for her: “When I have mastered basic skills, I have started challenging myself to create my own creatures and it has been very rewarding!”

The social networks and art communities can be sometimes quite challenging for young artists. Pauliina is very appreciating that the sculpting community has been so kind and welcoming and that she made friends and gained a big amount of support. She finds it really awesome how art connects people, makes them smile and brings so much happiness to everybody.

Pauliina is from a new generation of artists using all sorts of social networks. Apart from those “ordinary ones” such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, where she by the way shares amazing videos of how she sculpts the Mad Hatter, Paulina got very popular on a new platform named TikTok.

She reached 70 thousand followers there mostly by sharing behind the scenes videos on how she sculpts all sorts of creatures and fantasy figures. If you are not active on Tik Tok, yet, you should definitely try it and post short videos with your art, too. Thanks to a different kind of algorithm TikTok has, you might be able to reach a much bigger audience.

At the moment sculpting is just a hobby for Pauliina and she is only dreaming of making a career out of it, however something is telling us that it won't take long and she will be a well established artist with a huge audience from all over the world.