Domenico Scalisi is a famous Italian Pop surrealist sculptor born in Sicily who has been creative and passionate about art since his childhood. He studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, Italy and is active in illustrations, sculpting, sketching and watercolors. Domenico discovered polymer clay in 2012 and began his successful Nobu Happy Spooky brand.

His polymer art is very unique. Inspired by Pop Surrealism aesthetic, anthropomorphism and fairy tale, Domenico creates very cute and in the same way dark and creepy characters with elements of horror and gothic style.

His dolls are highly appreciated by many collectors and lovers of the genre. You can find Skeleton Lolita, Terror Donut, Nutcracker Skeleton and others in his portfolio. His popularity grew across social media, including the Nobu Happy Spooky Facebook and Instagram accounts with an audience that grew to more than 70 000 followers.

He has exhibited in museums such as The Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia and art galleries such as the Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago, the Clutter Gallery in Beacon, New York, the prestigious Australian Beinart Gallery and many others. In 2017 he also published his first illustrated book "The Diary of Victor Frankenstein" with the publishing house Bakemono Lab. Well done Domenico!