Life is sometimes not easy and each of us has different ways to deal with our problems and anxiety. The writers would write a poem or a story, painters might make a painting, sportsmen go for a long run to clean their head.

On today's blog we are bringing you Tal Peleg's recent experiences she humbly shared with us and the way she decided to deal with it. Maybe her story will touch some of you who had the experience or in the family and make it more bearable. It can even inspire you to express your feelings through your art.

Tal is a makeup artist, an illustrator and polymer clay sculptor. Her style is very feminine, gentle and tender. In November 2019 Tal went through the miscarriage while already being attached to the pregnancy. When she was told that there is no pulse anymore, it made her very sad and hard news to deal with. She turned to art as a way of a therapy and created a very quick sculpture. It was done in one session, simple style and without much details. And that is how she shared her story with the world.

Seven months later Tal got pregnant again which made her very anxious because of her last experience. “The idea of creating a second sculpture came to me early in the pregnancy, I wanted to close the circle and to create another sculpture that will show how beautiful pregnancy can be, and to express happiness, hope, and growth. Because I was worried about the pregnancy, it wasn't until the 9th month that I dared to start sculpting it,” shares her private thoughts and moment Tal.

She finished it a few days before the labor. The painting part was done after her son was born, it was challenging to find time to create with a newborn baby, but she was quite determined to finish the sculpture even with the baby on her in his baby carrier. “It was challenging but it was really fitting to the entire concept of the sculpture,“ says happy mom Tal.

The inspiration for the sculpture was a Tree nymph and Mother Earth. Tal wanted to achieve a serene and hopeful expression in her face. The bottom body looks like a tree trunk, the upper part is full of leaves. She has a pregnancy belly full of leaves circling it, and in the middle of her belly, there's a white and pure flower, representing the new life, the baby. The reddish fallen leaves on the ground represent the loss that is never forgotten and the life that might have been always staying in hearts of women who went through miscarriage or stillbirth move.

After Tal shared her stories and the sculptures representing her feelings on her Instagram she got a lot of reactions and private messages from followers with similar experience. “They said that this sculpture, and my story, give them hope. As an artist it's very important to me to know that my art touches other people's hearts, so I was very glad that they shared that with me,” says Tal.

We are very grateful for letting us tell this story as well because we understand how hard it must be to openly share very private moments of lives with the world. Thank you, Tal.

If you want to know more about Tal she is in our recent Polymer Week Magazine. The new issue will be available for sale here.