Here at the Polymer Week blog we bring together artists from all over the world, each with their own different style and background, united by their love for polymer clay.

Casey Cross has only recently discovered polymer clay and we are excited to welcome him into this ever expanding community of makers and enthusiasts.

After seeing a few of Casey’s art projects, you may wonder if we have made a mistake as this does not seem like the work of a beginner. Before coming across polymer clay Casey was a scenic artist who painted and sculpted for Disney and Universal Studios theme parks so if you find yourself visiting Disneyland in Orlando, Florida, you will see a vast amount of props that Casey has created.

Over the years Casey has worked with most sculpting mediums, but upon recently discovering polymer clay he has become hooked on it ever since, and we cannot blame him! Just looking at the ever growing polymer clay community we are part of, we cannot help but wonder if polymer clay has any additional ingredients that are causing addiction.

Nowadays Casey stays busy creating custom made props, statues and collectibles for his customers. He owns a creature and prop shop called Darkheart Kreations. Connect with Casey on Instagram and find out more about his art.