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Lindsay Locatelli’s work is familiar to our magazine readers, as we have published an article about her journey in the Polymer Week 2/20. Lindsay continues working on her colorful jewelry so we decided to present her new pieces full of great ideas to you again.

When looking at her artwork, you might not guess that this material is actually a polymer clay we all love. Perhaps your first guess could be wood because it's relatively easy to see the influence of woodworking in her pieces as the process employs two major ways of working with the clay.

The first technique is based on subtraction of material. She starts with a cured block of clay from which she carves the desired forms using her favourite tool – a cordless dremel and various carving tools such as chisels and even dental tools. Apart from the tools for carving, Lindsay lists acrylic paint markers among her favourite tools. They are always at hand and allow her to do super precise work. The second technique that Lindsay frequently uses is the fabrication of holloware.

Jewellery made by Lindsay combines many, occasionally slightly opposite, elements – it is sometimes colourful, sometimes monochromatic, abstract and figurative, organic with distinctly geometric features. There are, however, some characteristics that all her pieces share. Lindsay’s work is original, bold and narrative. She bravely explores the limits of what is possible with art jewellery. “I wish there were more people who weren’t afraid to wear big and colourful statement jewellery,” she says and her huge rings say a lot about that!

She admits that even though she has a tendency to get distracted and explore many other materials, she always comes back to polymer. “Polymer makes up about 90% of my materials, however, I enjoy fabricating my own sterling silver components,” she states, adding that silver helps to add value to her finished pieces.

Lindsay's form of expression is focused on the narrative but also abstract: “I’m interested in storytelling and how these figures hang and lay over bodily landscapes,” says Lindsay in which portfolio we can also find jewelry made in abstract shapes covered by interesting handmade textures. We also have to mention the slightly glittering surface that Lindsay uses in her latest art. Well done Lindsay!


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