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Sometimes we have to lose what we take for granted to realize how important and impactful it is for our life. Taylor Dawn’s story seems to be a bit sad, but at the end it looks like she found herself in a beautiful place of mind that now transfers through her polymer clay art.

“I have always been one with a huge admiration for nature and a keen sense of wanderlust, but after losing my first dog and hiking buddy, Yonah, in a tragic house fire in the fall of 2020, I found a whole new love for nature,” starts to explain her story Taylor who then began hiking, camping and hanging outdoors more than ever; doing all the things that she used to love to do.

Taylor started coping with her loss by playing around and trying to recreate the beauty she found in nature in polymer clay. “It has brought me so much solace. I began recreating places that I’d visited, and places that I’d one day love to visit, and that got me here, making one of a kind pieces,” she says.

Her landscape replication pieces are made just from polymer clay, based on photographs of the areas. And even though Taylor has started working with polymer clay only in 2019, she has already evolved her passion into a successful business. Many satisfied customers have been amazed by Taylor’s work and the way she creates. “From mixing custom colors, to every mountain peak and cactus arm, every impression is made one mark at a time.”

While looking at Taylor’s jewels, we have to appreciate the way she uses her patterns. She doesn’t try to make two earrings identical, but it seems like the landscape naturally continues from one earring to another. When you think about it, it’s really beautiful how a plastic material can bring nature and evoke emotions to people wearing Taylor’s jewels. Well done.