Debbie Crothers is a well known Australian artist and teacher in the polymer clay community and she has a new collection of pots and vases we would like to tell you about because we absolutely love them and we hope after reading this article, you will too.

“I've always wanted to try my hand at miniature vases but never really found the time or inspiration to do so. The journey of miniatures began, for me, about three or four months ago when I purchased a gorgeous ceramic mini vase necklace, complete with mini cork!” shares her excitement and change of direction in the creating Debbie, as until now we knew her more as a jewelry maker.

After that first kick of inspiration miniature flower pots, miniature vases and miniature pinch pots with legs all evolved over the coming weeks.

“Of course, every mini vase needs a mini arrangement so I got busy creating arrangements with mini flowers, leaves and pods from the garden. When the mini arrangements started to wilt, I decided to create some permanent arrangements. A mix of polymer pieces, feathers, sticks and mixed media items now fill these pots. I have a feeling the arrangements will continue to evolve,” says Debbie and we absolutely love the result, the talent of the florist is definitely there, too!

Debbie loved creating these pots so much she decided to create a tutorial on them. “This meant creating more pots for samples etc. and I’ve gotta say, it was addictive!” shares Debbie her excitement and continues: “In my opinion, it’s all about taking the time to stop and think, make some plans and try something new. One small idea can evolve to become something quite special.”

If that tutorial has the same influence on you, please do share your mini pots on our social network, we would love to see them!