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You would not believe how happy we are writing today’s article! We got in touch with Janine Brookland from Germany a few months ago and we were literally chasing each other. We really appreciate Janine’s time she gave us so we could get to know more about her interesting story and inspiring sculpture. Now we can tell you more about it!

The first thing that will definitely catch your attention is Janine’s love for details and textures. Her latest Turtle sculpture is a great example of her incredible skills.

“I don’t try to reproduce the appearance of the animals 1:1, much more I choose the attributes I like and exaggerate them a bit,” says Janine about the process of her work. This gives her sculptures the unique and yet lifelike character. She definitely gives the sculptures a soul.

We got really surprised when Janine told us she started working with polymer clay just a few years ago. “The endless possibilities give me the option to change and manipulate the clay until I decide to bake it. That's one of the attributes I like the most.” That gives Janine the time to think and dive into the process until she is satisfied with the result.

“I just kind of forget about the time while sculpting, it's a meditation. Sort of grounding me and muting my thoughts. Sometimes I listen to audiobooks, but sometimes I need a complete silence.”

The sea turtle sculpture means a lot to Janine. She started working on it when she was pregnant with her first child and slowly finished it during the first year of her son's life.

“Whenever I got a little bit of time I worked on it. Many corals have taken a lot of time. But the time factor does not interest me when creating a sculpture. Each sculpture gets the time it needs to become the way I imagine it. No matter how long it takes, for me it's always worth it in the end.”

The composition of this sculpture, including the arrangement of all 3D elements is spectacular. You get that feeling that the turtle is floating around the corals so naturally. Janine was really devoted to every detail from modelling the shape, to working on textures and patterns, making eyes by herself and shading the sculpture with paints. Well done!


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