Maybe you have experienced it too - sometimes we have an idea, but the creative process takes us to a completely different place. The same thing happened to the Russian artist Valeria Erokhina.

She first felt the impulse to create when she saw miniature roomboxes about seven years ago. Valeria desired to make such a miniature room for herself, but for some reason, she started sculpting tiny flowers and animals instead of furniture and home equipment. She was so fascinated by the activity that she hasn’t stopped yet.

In fact, the artist devotes more and more time to her hobby as she strives for perfect results. And we must say that the level of execution is superb - her mini cats, squirrels, dogs, owls, orchids and other creations are so elaborate and lifelike that you almost expect them to start moving.

It is not surprising that the completion of each of her pieces requires a lot of time. As for material, Valeria uses mostly polymer clay, wire armature and natural wool in her artwork. Despite the fact that her realistic sculptures are so labour intensive, Valeria really enjoys the creative process. “It's very exciting, and I'm always looking forward to the final result,” she asserts and we highly recommend you to show her and her cute creatures some support by visiting Valeria’s Instagram profile.