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Well-known Australian artist Debbie Crothers recently showed us her love for textures. “Who doesn't love a good texture stamp?” she wrote. Mostly every polymer clay artist is fascinated by all those fancy products we can purchase to create some magic and push our creativity forward and Debbie is not an exception.

“There are some pretty amazing designs around and I have quite a few in my stash but, in all the years I've been working with polymer clay I've never really explored textures fully,” says Debbie.

By saying that, she means understanding how the clay moves and behaves when a texture stamp is used. “In the past I've simply squished the stamp into the clay and there you go - instant awesomeness!” she explains.

We are very excited that Debbie found some free time to explore possibilities of Lucy Struncova’s Texture Stamps that Lucy gave to Debbie when they met in Australia two years ago. “Lucy has some amazing stamps for polymer clay but some of my favourites would have to be the spotty ones. I've actually been exploring the world of dots/spots and polymer clay so pulling these stamps out of hibernation seemed to be the natural thing to do,” she continues.

Debbie actually had a project in mind that made the whole challenge more exciting. She chose to create earrings for her friend using simple components made from black wire that matches the polymer clay pieces perfectly.

“It's actually really exciting for me to explore a product and see how far or how many different ways I can use it. These stamps were no exception,” talks Debbie about her experiments that went into the creation of beautiful sets of earrings made from discs of mokume gane patterns. Crackles, circles, dots, waves,... we have to agree, those patterns and all options seem to be really unlimitless.

Debbie ended up writing a blog post about her experience and thoughts and has shared it on her website. Check it out and if you fall in love with Lucy’s stamps too, you can purchase them individually in our store here. Thank you, Debbie!

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