Pouneh Sardari is 28 years old Iranian polymer clay artist. She was interested in colors and some arts as a child however later on she was dragged from it while working on some school scientific projects. Then she studied in the Faculty of Arts at Tehran University but due to some financial difficulties she had to work during the university and high school years, so did not have enough time and money to pursue her interests.

Until a few years ago in 2019 when she accidently saw Eva Thissen's art on the internet and was so excited and immediately fell in love with that style of polymer clay work.

“I had no previous experience with working with clay and I had never heard of polymer clay. I searched to see if anyone in Iran works with this clay and I found the pages of Iranian polymer clay artists. The more examples I saw of the work of different artists, the more restless I became to experience working with polymer clay,” shares Pouneh her first discovery of polymer clay.

She started to learn straight away, mostly from YouTube channels and other internet sources. It took her months and loads of trials and errors but she was realizing every day how much she loves this medium and how she feels passion about it more than about any other work. She had as well all the support and encouragement of the family and friends to start creating from polymer clay as a main job.

At the moment Pouneh is doing mostly commission works inspired by memorable personal photos that her customers send her to make them in the dimensions of their choices. Making these orders is time consuming and is not easy but receiving the messages and reactions that she has made a valuable souvenir for them and they love it gives Pouneh extra motivation and energy to carry on.

There is another theme Pouneh is focusing on. Through the time of Iranian New Year there is a custom to buy a goldfish, keep them in the house and then let them go to the local river or a pond. Unfortunately this is most of the time the certain death for the little fish. Therefore Pouneh decided to make an artificial version and by combining the polymer clay with the resin she is creating handmade ornamental fish to offer to her customers to save as many goldfish as possible.

“I have been working with clay since December of 2019 and I consider myself a novice. I just do not follow any particular style and technique and I like to try different styles and techniques when working with polymer clay. I love animals and I would like to do a lot of things in the future inspired by this inner love,” says Pouneh and we wish her all the luck and passion and love for polymer clay to carry on her already fast journey of creating from polymer clay!