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Noelia Contreras is a Spanish polymer clay artist based in Barcelona. She discovered a polymer clay 15 years ago and fell in love with it straight away.

For some time it was only a relaxing hobby while working in a full time job but slowly, step by step, the love for this material took over her life and wanted her to dedicate her soul to it fully, otherwise it seems unsatisfying. We all have been there, right? There was almost nothing available online so Noelia had to study from books and at workshops and as she says of course by the try and error method.

When Noelia lost her job, she bravely decided to carry on with her creative hobby as a fulltime occupancy. “For some years it was nice to work with what I love, but the non creative part of the business was so time consuming that I felt I was losing the passion and motivation I had at the beginning,” shares Noelia her experiences. Polymer clay is her hobby yet again these days and she recovered the joy of creating with her hands.

Noelia’s design is focusing on simple clean compositions and on working in assemblies. She likes to work in different approaches to assemble the pieces, especially if she is able to get mobile or interchangeable sections. In her last pieces she has been working on sliding mechanisms to build a base in which hold different pieces that she can also make reversible.

If you want to see more of Noelia’s work, look at her Instagram and Facebook.