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Talleruco are Angela's hands, mind and heart.

“I'm a daughter of Cantabria, in the north of Spain, land of the sea, forests and mountains. Filled up with goblins, myths and legends. That's why my jewels are "Enchanted Jewels", because they are born in the forests of fairies and forged in the thousand and one nights,” says Angela Sanchez Allende, a polymer clay artist living in the middle of beautiful Spanish nature which enables her to create with the peace in her heart.

The inspiration for her pieces comes from surrounding nature, from the imperfect symmetry of flowers and leaves, like small petals gently placed one by one around a center, a symbol or a semi-precious gem, with a certain reminder of Hindu ornamentation in terms of their colors, shapes, lights and shadows.

Angela is also creating bigger more complex mandalas for her leather accessories. This technique gives her free rein and that makes it one of her favorites. “I choose the millefiori technique, because the depth of the gradients and especially the kaleidoscopes allows me the infinite possibility of playing with color palettes and impossible contrasts that never ceased to amaze me,” says Angela and continues: “This infinite material allows me to materialize the shapes and colors that I have in my head. I have been working and experimenting with polymer clay for more than fifteen years now. This work fascinates me because it transforms me like the clay does in the oven: my restless soul becomes patient and I enjoy each part of the process in a calm and quiet way.”

And after we saw the video about the birth of one of her jewels we are almost envious of how beautiful and peaceful life Angela leads and that is what makes it possible to make so many amazing pieces.