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It’s not quite easy to characterize the style of Ekaterina Semenenko’s artwork, because she employs many different techniques and creates many different objects. There are, however, some uniting features, whether we’re looking at her jewellery or her amazing moth sculptures. Inspiration by nature, emphasis on detail and perfect craftsmanship are just some of them.

Ekaterina started working with polymer clay since 2014 and she says that it has become her lifestyle. In the very beginning she created simple jewellery. She really enjoyed working with different textures and spent a considerable amount of time studying various techniques.

The artist reveals that she is a perfectionist by nature, so it has always been quite critical of what she does. She constantly strives to improve her skills and this attitude reflects in the perfect execution of all her pieces.

In 2018 she suddenly switched from jewelry to sculptures. She took it as a kind of experiment, a test of her skills. As soon as she made the first moth, she was completely addicted and she still can't stop making them. Ekaterina says that the process of making her moth sculptures is quite complex and involves a lot of exciting tasks. It involves many experiments, trials and failures and it is greatly satisfying for her when she achieves the desired result.

Her interest in making jewellery has almost vanished by now and the artist is currently focusing only on sculpting. She is looking forward to new interesting projects and challenges ahead. Check out Ekaterina’s Instagram account and take a look at her moths, they’re really cute, aren’t they?