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Today we would like to share with you the playful work of the artist simply known as Sergio, who defines himself as a big Disney fan and a toy collector with a backrgound in architecture. Just sit back and enjoy Sergio’s special characters and skillfully crafted miniatures and dioramas.

The artist says that he started creating things when he was just a small kid. He made things from plasticine, cold porcelain clay, and even beeswax. He had seen polymer clay around in stores and YouTube videos and he felt really tempted to start working with it. When he first tried modelling with the material in 2019, it felt like it was the medium he had been looking for all his life.

Sergio does an excellent sculpting job with all his pieces and we wanted to know more about his creative process. He says that it’s different for each creation. Some flow easily, others present him with challenges along the way. His work is also quite time consuming; individual clay pieces can take anywhere from a couple of days to over a week, and a full diorama can take up to several months.

We also inquired about his interesting colour palettes. To him, colour is all about feeling. As an architect, he learnt a bit about colour theory in school, but he only really started understanding colour by trial and error, in the process of creating his works. His inspiration comes not only from animation, but also from other artists who work with colour in new, inspiring ways.

Social media are an important part of Sergio’s artistic career. They help him not only promote his work, but also connect with other artists in the community, share his knowledge and skills with his fans. He recently started his own creative business and hopes that he will be able to keep it running. We’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed for him.