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Suong Ngoc from Vietnam is a co-founder of Suunstudio, a place where delicate sculptures with intricate accessories are created. “What I care about the most is the emotion that my puppets give,” she says. “My dolls all have their own stories and they are not just for decoration.”

In 2019 Suong graduated from the university with a degree in graphic design. Soon after she was offered the chance to do some stop-motion projects with her friends and this is how she became interested in clay puppets and figures.

When the whole world seemed to stop during the initial wave of covid 19, the Vietnamese artist had a lot of time to practice sculpting with polymer clay. This is when Suunstudio was created and she started to post her projects online.

Suong sculpts her puppets using polymer clay. All features are individually shaped with lots of patience for every detail. The clothes for the puppets are hand sewn from fabric. When it’s hard to find a suitable pattern, Suong paints the pattern she imagines herself. It takes a lot of time, but when it's done, it is worth the patience. The hair of the dolls is made from goat's hair or artificial doll hair. The dolls are accessorized with fashionable clothes and custom-made trinkets.

Sometimes she animates puppets and makes stop-motion movies.

Besides creating collections for every season, one of the things Suong loves most is to make custom dolls for her clients which are intended to be given away as gifts. “Do you know?” Suong says, “there are things that cannot be put into words. Do you know? There are things that can only be said, but halfway... So instead of saying nice words, we give each other sincere love through every little gift. I was listening to a podcast the other day, that the meaning of a gift doesn't depend on price or form, but when that person chooses the gift, the moment that someone thinks about you is the most precious and meaningful thing.”

Recently, the orders of my bride and groom sculptures increased substantially and Suong enjoys the opportunity to pull out lace fabric of all kinds to cut and sew. “I feel happy,” she says. “The most beautiful thing in this life must be love - everything we do and strive for must be for something called happiness, right? And this is also the most beautiful positive thing to spread to everyone.”

Through the sculptures designed at Suunstudio, Suong Ngoc helps people to save memorable milestones and keep alive the remembrance of happy moments.


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