Miniatures are very popular in many corners of the world. The talent behind creating a highly detailed miniature which resembles the real object or person has to be incredible.

Yana Ivanyuk has always loved to create. In the summer of 2011, she discovered one of a kind baby dolls. Creating a tiny, realistic doll from start to finish combines all of her beloved art forms into one. Doll making encompasses design, drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing, photography and much more.

Yana is sharing her way of creating these highly detailed miniatures of babies. Most of the creations are quite small ranging in size from 3 cm up to 40 cm. Each of Yana’s OOAK dolls is hand sculpted from a block of polymer clay without using molds.

Yana usually begins with an aluminum foil and wire armature. Then she creates a body from polymer clay and for modelling she is using various silicone and sculpting tools. After the sculpt is finished and baked, she carefully scrapes any rough areas with a scalpel. Then the piece is sanded and painted in layers, baking in between each layer to set the paint. This method ensures that the paint will not be too thick and unnatural. Once painted, it is covered with a special varnish and baked again.

For poseable dolls, she sews a fabric body and fills it with poly pellets and polyfills. For the hair she uses either viscose, mohair, or lamb’s wool. To find out more about Yana and her creations visit her Instagram and website.