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It’s always pleasant to see newly emerging and very promising artists, who bring fresh ideas and impulses into the field, and follow their journey of discovery. And so it was a nice surprise to come across the work of Leonie Uken.

Leonie, who lives on Spiekeroog, a magical little Island in the north of German, discovered polymer clay only two months ago and so every new creature is a new adventure for her. She couldn’t have discovered the medium at a better time – she is not allowed to work due to the pandemic restrictions, so she can dedicate a lot of her time and energy to her artwork.

She started with making jewellery, but soon moved on to making her original creatures. The aspiring artist is undoubtedly inspired by both Leonie’s passion for cats and all things dark as well as the eerie landscape that is her home. The island provides ample inspiration with the beautiful shores and slightly haunted forests. Who could stay immune to its beauty?

We’re really curious to see how Leonie’s work is going to develop and we can’t wait to see some new pieces from her studio. If you want to show her your support, don’t forget to check out Leonie’s social media.