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Meike Lucia Friemel from Germany is an abstract painter, a metalsmith and a graduated jewellery designer. She started working with polymer clay a few years ago. Her inspirations come from architecture and nature.

Her new polymer clay work is a synthesis of all her origins. However there is an emphasis on the painterly aspect. We can find inspiration in the winter nature scenes.

Each project begins with the analysis of one of her photos in terms of colors, shapes and structure. Simplification and concentration on the essentials lead to the first idea of the design. The next step is the translation into material and jewellery form. After a complex process of color mixing, technique attempts, arrangement of parts and jewellery construction the result is a piece of wearable art.

She is focusing lately on making bangles and cuffs using all sorts of textures and abstract patterns like stripes and waves. We love the raw feeling of every piece she makes and the winter theme she is using lately is perfectly matching the reality around us.