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Portuguese artist Patrícia Lago, living in Lisbon, studied architecture and urbanism and had been working in that area until last year when she stumbled on polymer clay.

“Since then I have not stopped exploring it. I have been amazed by the never-ending amount of possibilities that this material provides and its versatility,” explains Patrícia.

She was working as an architect but at this point Patrícia was more interested in the new things she was learning and by the joy of creating with her hands. “Polymer clay was the easiest and most accessible way to express all the shapes and forms that appear in my mind,” she says about her journey as she has learned a lot on her own and with the aid of tutorials from some amazing polymer clay artists.

Nature plays a big role in her designs. For Patrícia, it is a main source of inspiration. She transforms repetition of natural forms into her sculptural jewelry. With her experience from architecture, her artwork already has a very strong uniqueness based on three dimensional shapes and mostly pastel color palette.

“My pieces combine the repetition of forms from nature and sea, elements like petals, flowers, leafs, shells, conch shells, colors and volume, and thus these create living and unique items,” describes Patrícia, who views her jewelry as miniature art sculptures. “I have so many ideas, but I'm still in the beginning and I still have so much to learn,” she adds humbly. We are excited to follow Patrícia’s artwork and see where her journey is taking her next. Good job!