How much do we take things in our lives for granted? Today’s story of Angelica from Sweden might open your eyes to appreciate all normal things in your life as something special.

“I have chronic fatigue and wanted to find something creative to do as being home all day everyday can be quite tiresome and boring,” starts explaining her journey Angelica. Just one year ago she discovered polymer clay and found the right medium for her.

Living with chronic fatigue might be difficult to imagine. Angelica is very open about her life and we really appreciate her honesty. “I don't mind sharing my struggles, I like to spread awareness,” she says. Angelica has been having this kind of illness for about eight years now. This difficult situation makes her really appreciate the time when her body functions normally.

“On a good week I can squeeze in about three hours of sculpting. When having a bad week I try to sculpt for at least one minute a day,” says Angelica who sometimes needs to rest for a week and doesn't get anything done, even though she really wants to.

Because of that she found polymer clay as the right material that doesn’t require starting and finishing work the same day. “The fact that there's no set schedule that I need to follow, that I can stop and start whenever I want is a big plus,” says Angelica about her favourite material that she discovered thanks to YouTube. She started off making earrings and small charms but has recently moved on to bigger and more detailed sculptures.

“I really love the challenges they bring! I also make my own signature sculptures called Bubs, which are cute little noseless creatures that often have sad expressions,” clarify Angelica. “One day I came up with a fat cheeked cutie and liked it so much that I decided to make more. All of them have their unique look to them but they all share those cute and fat squishy cheeks.”

As Angelica can’t work or study most of her time, she doesn't get out that much: “It’s hard to make new friends, that’s partly why I decided to make an Instagram account in the hopes of meeting new people,” she says. “It's hard not to get frustrated and depressed when your body feels like a prison. But I just try to focus on my sculpting and nothing else when I'm feeling blue. Being creative really helps me keep my mind off of the negative and that definitely brings me happiness,” says Angelica who also makes her friends very happy by giving away her sculptures. She is also planning to start selling her work soon so you might get a chance to support her, too.

Thank you for letting us meet you Angelica, you are such a wonderful creative person that makes this world more colorful and interesting thanks to your little cute characters!