When an average person is preparing to watch a scary film, the checklist will include making popcorn, dimming the lights and getting a cosy blanket to hide behind if it gets a little too scary, but not for Vick Kumar.

In the early hours of the weekend, while his family is still asleep you will find Vick turning ‘Super Sculpey Firm’ into his own fun versions of familiar and beloved movie characters whilst listening to horror movie director commentaries in the background. Vick calls it his ‘’Quiet time to play’’.

During the week Vick works as a professional graphic designer. Outside of this, parenting has always taken priority in his life. That is, until early 2019 when the whole world seemed to stop during the initial wave of Covid-19 and Vick found himself with some spare time.

Having always enjoyed the creative process, Vick decided to return to art and create small 4 x 5 sketches that can be completed in an hour or two to post to a new Instagram account. Soon after, at the beginning of 2020, Vick felt the desire to sculpt and he created his first sculpture ‘’The Wolfman’’. This displays a great knowledge of sculpting and modelling and the techniques used really bring the sculptures to life. Despite being his first polymer clay piece, the standard of Vic’s work is outstanding.

In Vick’s own words: ‘’ I am on the computer full-time. It is therapeutic that when the work day is done, you can pick up a pencil or clay and get lost in creating. A clump of Polymer clay can turn into a beautiful Frankenstein sculpture or a piece of paper can turn into an amazing illustration.’’

It is obvious that Vick is a movie buff which influences his art but what may not be apparent is the support of the online artist community: ‘’I found my creative family of talented artists. I used their comments to fuel my passion to keep on creating.’’ We hope that you will join Vick’s creative family on Instagram and will be inspired to sculpt something you are passionate about.