There are some frogs on our Blog menu today! Of course we do not offer you real frog legs but inviting you to explore the creation of Adeline Tsui who is a polymer clay hobbyist based in London and originally from Hong Kong.

She recently discovered polymer clay during the first lockdown, after having worked with air dry clay for the first time at a sculpting workshop in February 2020. Before that, she had only ever worked with 2D mediums such as painting and sketching.

Polymer clay soon became her go-to sculpting material after learning that it allowed her to indefinitely preserve and add details to her sculptures before deciding to cure them. This comes in handy because she just started full-time work.

As a reptile and amphibian enthusiast, Adeline is drawn to the colours and quirks found in the natural world. In particular, she enjoys sculpting frogs and lizards and hopes to own a leopard gecko some day. She is inspired by their many different shapes and forms.

As part of this, Adeline experiments with small frog characters inspired by fruits and foods and likes to create life-size pieces of different frog species. She strives to capture a unique personality with each of them. Sculpting aside, Adeline also enjoys illustrating and urban sketching you can see on her Instagram account.

Her goal for the next couple of years is to develop her technical skills and to experiment with different sculpting styles and subject matters. “I’m still very new to this medium, so I’m just looking to learn and I’m incredibly grateful for the art (and frog) community at large. Knowing that there are people out there that enjoy my art makes it really easy to keep going,” says humbly Adeline and we are so looking forward to seeing what more she can do and how far her creating will take her. Making a dinosaur, maybe?