Libby Mills lives in South Glastonbury, Connecticut with her husband. She started working with polymer clay in 2001, and hasn’t looked back since. The versatility and color of the material has kept her interest above other art materials. In 2019 she shifted her focus from jewelry making to polymer wall art.

She is a member of the Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild and the International Polymer Clay Association. She feels the warm community of fellow polymer clay artists to be one of the material’s great assets.

Libby enjoys creating pieces that evoke a textile feel in a new medium. Her work is about juxtaposition. The place where lines, patterns, textures or colors intersect. “I am fascinated by the interplay of shapes and textures. My current work is heavily inspired by fiber art,” says Libby.

Libby achieved a very modern and fresh look after playing with some tinted translucent clay and textures where there are patterns in few layers well complemented by the muted lush color pallet and created wall decorations that are represented in groupings of three or more. We can see the strong influence of American tradition - a patchwork.

The modern look is in her recent work as well. Patterns on the geometric pieces are nicely combined with colors and textures. Sometimes only polymer clay artists can understand the complexity of the process and that the resulting artwork is not that easy to achieve as one would think.