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“I knew I would end up somewhere in the creative world!” declares Sarah Morrison, the American artist who creates under the brand Inspire Emma. Sarah lives in Florida and has a daughter named Emma - the girl behind the name of her clay shop.

“I started my clay shop after being home for so long due to the unforeseen circumstances of covid-19,” the artist mentioned for the readers of our blog. “One of my biggest goals was to inspire my daughter, the same way she inspires me. I wanted her to see all the possibilities when you pour your passion and hard work into something you love.”

This is such a touching and inspiring story! Many artists who work with polymer clay discovered this wonderful material while searching for creative activities to engage their children. While the parents pushed their boundaries further, refining their skills and becoming better with every project, some of the children strived to follow their footsteps. Emma is definitely one of those, and we love it! “Emma loves creating with clay and learning about what I do!” her mother mentioned. “She has been one of my greatest cheerleaders along the way.”

Taking a look at Sarah's creations we can clearly see that one of her favorite techniques when working with polymer clay is making faux stones and a large variety of faux quartz. Regardless of the fact that her creations resemble amazonite, gold quartz, boulder opal or larimar stone, Sarah’s earrings are defined by clear lines and minimalistic design.

“I have always been passionate about the arts,'' the artist mentions about the beginning of her artistic journey. “I grew up going to an art school and explored many forms of it. I first learned how to work with clay in my middle school jewelry making class. I didn't spark a love for it at the time so I kept pursuing other arts forms (mostly dancing) until I graduated. Now, I have been here learning all the possibilities that come with creating using polymer clay!”

Sarah is looking towards the future with enthusiasm. “I'm forever grateful for my supporters,” she says. “I thank them for being the reason I get to do what brings me so much purpose and joy, being a mom and creating art!”