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Peruvian artist, Amanda Alva Ferrer, believes that with polymer clay, it is possible to obtain complex designs much better than with oil on canvas.

With her latest creation, Amanda brings us a wonderful summer color palette that represents her country full of tradition, ancient monuments, color, and warm people, even though Peru is now in they’re winter season. “The variety of colors of clay had fused, layered, appeared, and disappeared like a magic act,” Amanda describes the process of her new creations made with her technique called “Epifanía”.

While preparing a class for her community, Amanda brought together a wonderful version of mokume gane technique that truly reminds us of canvas with abstract painting.

Amanda’s relationship with art started when she was a child. After studying at an industrial engineering university, she dedicated almost twenty years to her career in the industry and more than ten years ago fell in love with polymer clay. "I consider myself an artist that portrays artwork under traditional schemes, in a way this jewelry collection allowed me to obtain amazing results through more audacious pieces that represent a whole new discovery for me,” she adds.