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Thirty one yer old Viktor Trofimov from Russia, a former figure skater in the State Ballet On Ice of St. Petersburg and now a skating coach, tells us of his interest in polymer clay.

While browsing YouTube in 2019 he came across an artist who sculpted figurines from polymer. Peeking his interest, he researched in detail this polymer material and decided to sculpt SpongeBob and then the rest of the character line up of the show.

After self teaching and a trial and error process of learning to work with polymer clay, Viktor decided to take several master classes learning the processes of creating figures. “The lessons helped me a lot,“ says Viktor, who after two years shares step by step photos on Instagram creating his detailed movie and cartoon characters sculptures.

In his last creation, the character Luka of the same name movie, Victor gained hundreds of views when sharing the process of creation on his Instagram reels. As many others, you can get inspired and watch the birth of this sculpture from the very beginning, as Victor shows the sculpting of the head, making the wire armature, body and all incredible details, while everything stays absolutely clean and precise. Just wow!