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Libby Mills' work is a playful mix of color and texture. We find Libby’s bowls astonishing so we have to share them with you as well!

Her artwork consists of layering painted and textured sheets of polymer into panels and jewelry. Recently her work took a little curve.

While Libby considers herself a mixed media artist, her primary medium of expression is polymer clay. “I am very inspired by textiles and quilting, and I enjoy interpreting these traditional arts in a different medium,” says Libby from Connecticut. A common theme in her work is intersection, those points where lines, patterns or shapes meet.

“The bowls were created for an exchange at an In-Person Polymer event I attended in May. Honestly I wasn't very excited about making small bowls, and my first attempts were lackluster,” says Libby about her latest project. “Then I decided to have fun with the concept of a bowl, change the shape and take a bite out of the edge,” adds Libby about her acrylic paint decorated bowls.

Libby’s process of preparing many sheets featuring stamped, painted and textured polymer to use in a series of work gives her lots of options for combining components in her vibrant designs. She loves to make extras, giving her lots of choices to designs, leaving us with something to visually chew on. Follow her on Instagram and see more of her beautiful creations.