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”I’ve always been inspired by nature. I think it’s so cool how things, such as leaves and trees shift during different seasons of the year and I wanted to recreate that in my jewelry,” says Una Mundzic, a fifteen year old clayer from Sweden.

We were fascinated by her age and it reminded us of the early start of the Polymer Week company, as Lucy, our founder, started to work with polymer clay at twelve. Una grew up with art surrounding her all the time. Inspired by her mum's paintings and other crafts such as beads and origami, Una found polymer clay, a much better waterproof material for her ideas.

”I think polymer clay is such a fun material because you can literally do anything you want with it. No one has said that it’s easy, when I look two to three years back everything looks like crap, but that’s the thing. There’s nothing better than seeing an evolution in your own creativity and creations,” says Una about her journey.

This young artist got inspired by the shapes of Ginkgo leaf and came up with an original design of polymer clay earrings that she successfully sells to people from all over the world: ”I think it’s so cool to look back just two years, remembering myself wishing a stranger would buy my jewelry one day,” remembers Una her dreams that definitely came true. “Recently several celebrities have been wearing my jewelry, also in a Scandinavian television program,” Una told us proudly. She usually tries to get in touch with celebrity stylists that she admires through Instagram. “It’s a very hard way because they normally don’t check their direct messages. However, I managed to do it and it worked.”

Una puts a lot of focus on every single detail in her artwork, to make it as beautiful as possible. ”I carve every single leaf by hand. It’s hard and grueling, but at the same time so fun. There’s no better feeling than seeing your own creations coming to life, from a bit of polymer clay to a pair of earrings,” describes Una the process of creation. Currently, she is focusing a lot on developing her techniques and creativity: “I want to establish my brand, through my own ideas and style. I want to reflect who I am in every single piece, and therefore do it my way,” and we can’t wait to see this rising star in future.