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Siberian artist Anna Kokareva, alias Annie Bimur, complempletely blown us away with her wonderful inchies that she created to exchange at the polymer clay event that was held at the start of October in Russia.

“This micro-festival unites no more than 20 polymer artists from Russia and Belorussia. For three days we studied amazing new techniques and enjoyed a friendly atmosphere,” says Annie about the event she attended.

Exchanging inchies, small squares from polymer clay created with different techniques and mediums, became a tradition for many countries. In Europe and USA many polymer clay events do the same. Trading and collecting little artworks from different artists presenting their skills and ideas in this clever form and can look back to those wonderful memories they created with other enthusiasts.

Look closely at Annie’s inches that present little volcanos, a nice three dimensional effect. While her main occupation is editing scientific texts, her spare time she dedicates to creating from polymer clay as she has been constantly searching for new ideas, shapes, techniques, and original materials to play with. Check her Instagram to see more of her original art.