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The Italian-born sculptor, character designer and miniaturist Isabella Francione, also known as Isabella Ooak in the online community, creates what she calls "bipolar art". And indeed, her work is full of contrasts - it’s both dark and light, bitter and sweet, traditional and innovative.

No matter the scale, her polymer clay sculptures are always very well-designed and executed, and often inspired by Isabella's passion for psychology and art.

The artist admits that she went through a series of hard experiences and traumas in her life and it clearly shows in her artwork. Isabella’s, often female, heroines project delicacy and vulnerability as well as their dark underlying struggles. This potent concoction of contrasts is reflected in their facial expressions, postures and the props that often accompany them.

Isabella describes herself as fully-self taught and adds that even though she has always been deeply interested in art, her professional artistic career started only in 2015. Her admiration towards great contemporary sculptors, art doll makers and conceptual artists motivates her to keep learning and improving.

It’s worth mentioning that her sculptures have already enjoyed international recognition and between the years 2018 and 2020 Isabela was nominated for and won several art awards. One of her biggest aspirations is to share her love for art and positive vibes with the world through her soulful creations.