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The talented Korean mixed media artist Hee-ang Kim is already very well known to our readers. Not only was she featured in Polymer Week Magazine and on our creative platform, Polymer Week Society, but we also previously introduced her work here on our blog.

You may remember her exquisite organic pieces heavily inspired by nature and various kinds of fungi in particular. Hee-ang’s sculptural work stands out not just because of its extraordinary design, combination of materials and great work with colour - there’s much more to it.

Today we would like to introduce a few of Hee-ang’s new creations to you. In her latest work, the artist stays true to shapes informed by her favourite mushrooms. Once again, she builds volume by the repetition of multitudes of identical elements - tiny gill- or petal-like shapes, and achieves balance by contrasting colours and textures. Despite their relative simplicity, these brooches have a lot to offer to the eye of those willing to spend some time observing them

If Hee-ang’s latest work piqued your interest, don’t hesitate to explore more of her wonderful art on the pages of our magazine and show some support to the artist. It’s worth it, we promise!

In Hee-ang’s new exhibition titled “Leap of Everyday” her small attempts to move in a new direction progressively day by day to create the natural symmetry in her reconstructed mushroom motifs, has led her to using fewer tools and thicker translucent clay. Her new work leads you to imaging what’s beyond the privacy of those mysterious translucent layers.