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Mary Anne Loveless has truly fond memories of the beginning of her creative journey. She started discovering her creativity very early together with her mother, playing with salt dough in their kitchen. It was such a positive experience that she has actually never stopped creating since then, even though the medium has changed multiple times.

“I will never forget the moment that she wrapped a green layer around a red ball of clay, then cut it open to reveal a watermelon! It was pure magic,” she describes her first encounter with polymer clay. Mary Anne also says that she feels the same amazement every time she opens a cane.

Even though she says she’s not an expert caner, her complex canes with intricate patterns speak volumes about her skills. Among other things, we admire her sense of colour and Mary Anne herself admits that playing with colour is her favourite part of the creative process. Some of Mary Anne’s most beautiful pieces - her mosaics - show not only great attention to detail and meticulous execution, but also great colour combinations.

The versatile artist now uses both ceramics and polymer clay to create jewellery and small objects such as vases and bowls, but she also mastered the technique of marbling and produces beautifully patterned marbled paper and silk scarves. You can explore all of her artwork on Mary Anne’s Instagram profile.