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The smell of fallen leaves, hot tea, baked pumpkin and spooky ghost stories... Delia Gerendi says that this is her favorite time of the year! The Romanian artist loves fall, and especially the period around Halloween when she feels the urge to set free her inner child and switch her attention from the jewelry she loves to design to more whimsical creations.

The story of this witch hut began in an autumn morning when the fog was slowly lifting from the hills surrounding the city, giving way to the warm sun rays.

It started with a little glass salt shaker covered in black clay. A rooftop in the shape of a hat soon followed, after that an armature was formed with the help of a lump of aluminum foil. Now that the base was set, it was time for some details which were shaped using colored clay: stones were placed around the hut for a strong foundation, plants with golden leaves entangling the walls were carefully shaped, then placed to surround the door and the windows with sturdy frames. Some pumpkins were harvested and placed outside the walls for the witch’s dinner, a broom was strategically placed by the door and a friendly spider has his own house on the hut’s rooftop, to keep the witch company.

After all the details were added, the last phase of the creation process followed: painting the black clay using mica powders. It is almost magical to watch the clay transforming under the touch of brushes imbued in mica pigments.

Exclusively for all Society members, Delia will share this technique which she uses for many of her whimsical creations. Join us on December 10th for a class full of color which, we hope, will inspire you to experiment and enjoy the magic of the mica powders.