For some artists there is no need to use colorful techniques, slabs, and patterns. Design and its form plays the main role and its simplicity allows us to focus on other things such as the play of light, curves, or even the relationship between the jewelry and its owner.

One such artist is definitely Shila Habibian from Iran. After getting experience from studies in the field of graphics and theater, Shila also received a master's degree in Tehran University of Art and Architecture.

“I started my artistic activity in the field of painting, handicrafts and in a special way, working with Chinese clay since I was a child,” says Shila who first attended various workshops dedicated to flower making, sculpture and volumetric works. After gaining other experience with materials such as wood, plaster and sculpting paste, little by little she turned to making dolls using polymer clay, and it was during this period that making jewelry with the same material became her main focus and activity.

“Those experiences and materials have created wide possibilities to turn my imagination into various works and products in the field of jewelry,” says Shila about her journey. In her jewelry art she is trying to achieve meaning and intuition through designs and colors. And it’s definitely working.

Our favorite necklace in a vibrant red color is what first brought us to Shila’s art. This is a masterpiece. Without using any special techniques, Shila played with extruded clay and figured out an interesting necklace composition. The fact that everything is in one color helps us to sense this artwork as a whole.

Enjoy the next polymer clay artwork created by Shila and follow her journey on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what next she is going to create.