Céline Charuau is French polymer clay artist who has been drawing, painting, sculpting and creating since she was a child.

It was only in 2007, however, when she stumbled on it by a chance and since then she has not stopped exploring it as according to her it's a beautifully imaginative way of working with color and volume at the same time.

"Nature is my main source of inspiration, my work brings a transformed vision of it, reflecting its beauty, energy, and harmony," says Céline about her work full of shapes, colors and movements. Her polymer clay jewelry designs are definitely organic and derived from the plant or animal world. They all combine the repetition of the forms of nature like petals, flowers, tentacles, colors and volume, and thus these create living and unique items.

Céline also combines other materials with the polymer such as wood or silver. Beautifully clean finish and craftsmanship is visible at the first sight. We have to admit not a lot of artists are able to achieve such high quality finish while creating an organic design.

To make her newest contemporary and light pendant (on the first photo) Céline used recycled tropical wood from french Guiana, two dark leaves made of oxidized sterling silver, and a bunch of white flowers made of polymer clay. It is held by a handmade sterling silver chain and clasp and embellished with an extension chain. We simply love it.